Atmosphere on JBoss AS7 broken/breaks CDI ?

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Atmosphere on JBoss AS7 broken/breaks CDI ?

Joerg Stoever
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A description of the issue with (some) code is here:

If necessary, I could provide a SSCCE, though I suspect I'm not telling you anything new. Since JBoss AS7 in large parts depends on CDI/javax.inject, and Atmosphere apparently instantiates its objects differently, does that mean if I use Atmosphere in JBoss, I can't use most of the JBoss features ? Or am I misunderstanding the situation ?

I tried various different ways of using Atmosphere, from @AtmosphereHandlerService to atmosphere.xml mapping, @MeteorServlet, etc, but they all suffer from the same issue.

Should I keep investigating this, or is this just the current 'as is' state, meaning I need to move on to either a different container, library or development style ?