Pubsub sample application and guarantee of delivery

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Pubsub sample application and guarantee of delivery

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I have a test case regarding guarantee of delivery from atmosphere server to browser.


machine a, server + browser
machine b, browser
latest chrome 45.0.2454.101 m on both machines
tested by running atmosphere jersey pubsub example 2.3.2 & 2.3.5 using http streaming and long polling


unplug network cable from a
publish event from a
replug cable to a

machine b gets no event and no trigger occurs (onMessage, onReconnect, onDisconnect ..)
machine a server gets disconnect event related to machine b


No notification of any kind to user in machine b in browser console, automatic reconnect does not occur. This means that even though there is physical network connectivity, further events from machine a are never delivered to machine b. Basically a browser refresh is required in machine b. Is this a bug or feature? Does this require atmosphere satellite module or some modification to the server example code? I understand that broadcaster cache is required not to miss messages during network outage, but here we don't even get reconnect to occur.