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[atmosphere-users] [HEADS UP] Releasing 0.8.0-RC2

Jeanfrancois Arcand-4

I'm planning to release, over the week end, 0.8.0-RC2. If you have some
cycle, please grab a sample (or your own app) and test this version. I'm
planning to release RCX until I'm 100% sure all
browsers/server/transport works as expected. If you follow the commit
history I'm spending a lot of time testing websocket those days to make
0.8 a stable websocket release now that the spec is semi frozen.

Speak out if you have issue you would like to see fixed.


-- Jeanfrancois

P.S This is the last email I fwd to [hidden email]
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[atmosphere-users] Re: [HEADS UP] Releasing 0.8.0-RC2

One browser specific issue I've encountered today...

The response.responseBody of a websocket is returned as a String prefixed with a character with character code zero on Safari and Webkit (e.g. Safari pre-releases) but not Chrome or Firefox, etc...

In other words:

  if (response.responseBody.charCodeAt(0) == 0) then response.responseBody =

appears to resolve the issue.

I encountered the problem as weird JSON parsing errors occurring only on Safari.  These errors were all the result of this invisible first character.