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[atmosphere-users] atmosphere, jersey and socket.io

Daniel Mischler
Hi all

I have an application based on jersey that is deployed as a war in an embedded glassfish context.
The application serves as a proxy server handling local browser requests and synchronization with the 'big' server if a connection to it is available. At the moment some push functionality is covered with atmosphere via long-polling.

Now some new requirements from the client side / browser are coming forward like socket.io.

Since this is a new field for me I'd appreciate some input/experience and possibly answers to the following questions:
- can this 'easily' accomplished with this configuration (jersey, atmosphere and embedded glassfish)?
- what code samples exist that cover this setup as closely as possible (I've seen the standard samples but so far I'm not able to put the pieces together into working code)?
- are there other/better deployment options?

Thanks for your help